The Water Loss Technical Assistance Program (Water Loss TAP) for the 2017 submittal cycle is now closed. Validated water loss audits for the 2018 submittal cycle are due to DWR by October 1st, 2018.  Options for obtaining water loss audit validations in the 2018 submittal cycle are as follows:

1.  Water Audit Validator Certificate program.  Contact CA-NV AWWA to learn more.

2.  Validation services may be hired via a qualified validator. 

     (Validation Resources: WAV Training Manual, Validation Notes Template, Validation Cover Sheet)

Per California's Validated Water Loss Audit Reporting Regulations (Title 23, Division 2, Chapter 7 Water Loss Audits and Water Loss Control Reporting):

§ 638.4. Technical Qualifications for a Water Audit Validator.


(1) A contractor working in the CA-NV AWWA Water Loss Technical Assistance Program (“Water Loss TAP”) performing water loss audit training and conducting audit validations,

                     Water Systems Optimization (WSO)



(2) An individual who can demonstrate having conducted water loss audits in accordance with the method specified in Section 638.2, and having conducted a minimum of 10 Level 1 audit validations in accordance with the Water Research Foundation Level 1 Water Audit Validation: Guidance Manual 4639A (Water Audit Validation)

                    Consulting Firms which may have these individuals:

                              Arcadis USA

                              CH2M (Now Jacobs)

                              Kunkel Water Efficiency Consulting

                              ME Simpson


(3) An individual certified by the CA-NV AWWA as a water audit validator

                    Click HERE to download the complete list of certified individuals.

                    For more information, please contact William Penn, Director of Educational Programs at 909.291.2116.

The California Water Loss Control Technical Assistance Program (Water Loss TAP) was funded wholly or in part by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the State Water Resources Control Board, through the State Revolving Fund set-aside for technical assistance.  We are grateful to the EPA and Water Board for their support.  The Water Loss TAP was implemented by the California-Nevada Section AWWA, with support from the WSO/Cavanaugh Program Management Team.   

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